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Five Years of Manuel Rodríguez López Project

By the end of 2017, Manuel Rodríguez López project completed five years. Five years of intense work and effort from many people and institutions, united around the figure of Manolo.

Five years since GaliciaDigital launched a campaign to disseminate the life and work of Manuel Rodríguez López, to publicize the work of this author, his extensive literary work, the love for his land, and the link established by him between his native land of Paradela (and, in general, Galicia) with the emigrant Galicians in Catalonia. And since then, the main pillars of the project are still working, with better health than ever.


The first action of the campaign consisted on the creation of the web, one of the most complete websites that a Galician writer has got, which collects his complete work and the most outstanding information of his life, in four languages: Spanish, Galician, English and Catalan. In addition to the more than 2 Gb of information, we may also highlight the special 25th anniversary of his death, where more than 50 figures of the Galician culture, many of them Manolo's friends, talk about him and about the deep footprint he left.

Five years later, this website receives more than 4,000 monthly visits. That is, more than 100 people every day enter this platform to discover or get to know Manuel Rodríguez López better.


Itinerant Exhibition

We must talk now about the Itinerant Exhibition on the life and work of Manuel Rodríguez, consisting of 16 information panels (it can be seen in the web). This exhibition was launched in Paradela, in August 2013, and then it went to Lugo, Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Ourense, Ferrol and Pontevedra. He also visited Begonte, Sarria, Portomarín, Vilalba, Ponteceso, Guitiriz and Meira. Outside Galicia, he arrived at the Galician Center of Barcelona and the Casa de Galicia in Madrid.

2016 marked a very important qualitative leap for the exhibition: it not only continued touring Galicia (visiting Celanova, Verín and Viveiro), but also arrived at several Galician Centers in our country (León, Salamanca and Vitoria). But what really made the exhibition impact and visibility increase was the fact of crossing our borders, and arriving to Portugal, visiting the Galician Center of Lisbon and the Library Lúcio Craveiro da Silva in Braga, at the University of Minho.

The year 2017 was, without a doubt, the year of the consolidation of the project, continuing its journey through Portugal (University of Faro), Galicia (Burela, Mondoñedo, Ribadeo and Vigo) and the rest of Spain (Universities of Cáceres, Granada and Bilbao).

The maturity of the Manuel Rodríguez López project is evident in the growing impact that it has on the media, both on paper and on the Internet. If the first exhibitions practically did not have a presence in the media beyond the advertisement in the local media, today we keep hundreds of references to the Internet, newspapers, radio and television.

And not only that, the fact of linking the exhibition to entities related to education, such as colleges, institutes and universities (lecturers of Galician in Spain and Portugal) ensure the mass influx of students, which maximizes the dissemination of the project and the figure of Manuel Rodríguez López.



On the other hand, we continue with the dissemination of two publications of great importance in the project: the Poetic Anthology, created by Xesús Alonso Montero and Santiago Rodríguez, and the booklet that collects all the contents of the itinerant exhibition.

And finally, during this year 2017 Manolo Rodríguez's works found a new broadcast channel, through the Virtual Library of GaliciaDigital (, which periodically incorporates new works of this author, and puts them on provision, free of charge, of the tens of thousands of visitors that the platform receives every day.


We go on Walking

It may seem that the project has already given a good part of the fruits that it could give, but in GaliciaDigital we are convinced that we have a long story ahead, and that is why we go on.

And we continue on the hand of all the entities that allow to carry out this project: the Manuel Rodríguez López Family, the City council of Paradela (that with his Literary Contest is the true engine of the project and of all that we are around), the Provincial Council of Lugo, the Royal Galician Academy, and the Xunta de Galicia (General Secretariat for Language Policy), and the Regulatory Council of the Ribeira Sacra Denomination of Origin. Thanks to all of them.

Finally, our most special thanks goes to Xesús Mato, Xosé Manuel Mato, Xesús Alonso Montero and Valentín García, for everything they have done for the Manuel Rodríguez López project.